What is that Mysterious Smell when I turn on my Furnace?

600x600-InsetImages_0003_Layer Comp 4What is that mysterious smell coming from the furnace? Any odor coming from your furnace indicates a problem, and some of them can be potentially deadly for your family. Call Apex Heating and Air Conditioning today to determine the source of the issue, and to ensure your family is safe. We will inspect for these common causes and provide an estimate for any necessary repairs.

Common Causes of Smell

Dust – This is minor. Dust collects on the filter when it’s not used. It should burn off in no time!

Musty – This is minor. Mold can cause a smell – just change or wash the filter.

Oil – This could be minor or major. If the filter is clogged, simply change it – this is minor. If the smell continues, there could be an oil leak. This is major. Have this checked immediately.

Smoke – This is major and needs to be addressed immediately. Even a chimney could be blocked and the smoke will begin to exit through the ductwork. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional.

Electrical – This is a major red flag. You could have a burned out motor, malfunctioning electrical parts or frayed wiring.  Have this inspected as soon as possible.

Sulfur – This is major and caused by a leak in your furnace or your main line.  This could lead to an explosion. Have this checked immediately.

Remember, minor issues can be resolved quickly, but major issues should be checked immediately to ensure safety and to ago.