HVAC Professionals: 4 Ways to Help Your Customers Get Ready for Winter

The transitioning seasons present a prime opportunity to provide valuable information to new and existing customers. That chilly winter weather will remind them to make sure their systems are running at maximum efficiency. Sharing some steps homeowners can take to get ready for the season ahead helps position you as an expert and ensures your customers know where to go when they need help.

Change Those Filters

It seems obvious to the HVAC pro, but for your prospects and customers, a reminder to change the filters in their home ensures that this routine maintenance task actually gets done. Reminding customers to change filters gives you something to talk about on social media and allows you to engage without asking for anything in return. Plus, if your customer gets a peek at those nasty, used-all-summer filters, they may be prompted to give you a call anyway!

Get an Inspection

The cold weather is an excellent reminder that the heating system will soon be in use. If you offer a maintenance plan, using a blog piece or even an ad pointing out the importance of a seasonal inspection is a must. For the homeowner, an inspection provides much-needed peace of mind that their home heating system will be ready to use and reliable. For the HVAC contractor, an inspection gives you the chance to make sure that your client has everything they need and to catch little problems before they become big problems. If you do discover an issue, you’ll have time to get the HVAC parts and supplies you need before your customer spends a single cold night at home.

Check for Drafts

Heating a home accounts for about 30% of the entire energy costs during a single winter month, so drafts can get expensive in a hurry. For homeowners, spotting the ways warm air could escape the home helps keep that house comfortable and energy efficient. For HVAC contractors, prompting customers to proactively check for drafts is an easy engagement point and presents you as the expert you are.

Get an Indoor Air Checkup

Those clean filters only go so far. And customers who have allergies or are concerned about indoor air quality definitely need to consider a tune-up. Plus, those who get a pre-season tune-up won’t have to wait in line when the cold arrives and can have peace of mind that their family members with allergies can breathe with ease. For contractors, having a supply of compressor parts and ductwork supplies on hand allows for instant response to customer demand.

The changing seasons are a tangible reminder of the need to comfort the home and care for the equipment within. For contractors, the new season provides a valuable opportunity to boost brand awareness, engage with potential customers, and make sure your markets knows that you’re there for them when they need you most.