Residential heat pump HVAC Carrier® system installation

Spring Cool Cash Manufacturer Rebates on New System Installation Up to $1,550

The Spring Cool Cash rebate offer has been extended through June 30, 2023! Don’t miss this chance to save BIG on qualifying system purchases.

Upgrade to energy efficient equipment from Apex Heating and Air, save on energy costs and get some COOL CASH! Save up to $1,550 in Cool Cash rebates! Purchase a qualifying system from Apex Heating and Air Conditioning for a limited time to get in on the savings. (Sales period March 6 – June 30, 2023. Other terms and conditions apply. Promotion terms subject to (1) product availability and (2) change or cancellation without prior notice. No substitutions will be accepted.)

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Apex Heating and Air - Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Apex Heating and Air — A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer Expert

Millions of people trust Carrier for efficient and effective heating and cooling system products. Their comfort is dependent on equipment professionally installed and serviced by the best technicians and support from phenomenal partners like Apex Heating and Air, of Apex, North Carolina, who represent the Carrier brand and also give us feedback on product enhancements, logistics, and trends.

All this means, our customers benefit from Apex Heating and Air’s certified, trained experts who are familiar with the latest technologies from Carrier. Following are a few highlights of the Carrier products we can provide.

Carrier Innovation, Comfort and Technology Highlights


Our full array of split-system, forced-air furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and coils includes some of the quietest, most energy efficient equipment available. Here are some examples of the innovative technology available in our products:

  • Infinity® System with Greenspeed® intelligence: Adaptable speed components for exceptional comfort, precise humidity management, and extra energy efficiency.
  • InteliSense™ Technology: Allowing dealers to gather critical system data and remotely gauge operational health on Performance™ Series products.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi® system updates: Allowing remote, tool-free troubleshooting and the delivery of the latest system updates via the Internet.
  • NFC-capable furnace control boards: Ensuring faster, easier and more accurate installation and servicing – the future is just a tap away.


Our all-electric ductless split systems offer ENERGY STAR® certified operation and the versatility to provide comfort in a single room, multiple zones or even a whole home. Highlights of our ductless systems include:

  • High-efficiency air conditioners with ratings up to 28.5 SEER2
  • Occupancy sensing that automatically adjusts system operation based on whether it is occupied or not
  • Relative humidity sensing to provide additional summertime humidity control
  • Multi-position ductless air handler unit for whole-home applications


Carrier award-winning light commercial systems, including our WeatherMaker® single-package rooftops, address the unique needs of all types of buildings. Some of our best light commercial systems include:

  • EcoBlue™ technology for high performance and efficiency while decreasing maintenance and installation costs
  • The industry’s first beltless, direct-drive, vane axial fan for rooftop units (on select models)
  • Enhanced control boards with quick and intuitive fan speed adjustments


Most equipment will eventually need repairs during their lifetime. Carrier supports our technicians with high-quality Factory Authorized Parts™ designed and built specifically for Carrier equipment. Carrier’s OEM parts ensure:

  • Optimum system performance
  • Proven reliability
  • Ease of installation, maintenance, and safe system operation

Using OEM parts also preserves equipment warranties, agency certifications, safety standards, and ultimately consumer investment.

As an added benefit, Carrier offers access to Totaline® aftermarket replacement parts and supplies – a full line of quality universal HVAC/R parts and supplies that work on most brands of competitive equipment. Each Totaline part has received Carrier engineering approval on quality, agency safety requirements as well as packaging.

Both Factory Authorized OEM parts and Totaline aftermarket parts and supplies are available through the servicing Carrier distribution network. Our Totaline website and mobile tech app include the Parts Information Catalog (PIC) and a cross-referencing tool for accurate, up-to-date parts information.

Trust our Experts at Apex Heating and Air, Apex NC

Carrier has made significant investments to provide some of the most advanced HVAC equipment available.  To learn more about some of our latest advancements, watch the video below or reach out to the knowledgeable and trusted heating and air conditioning experts at Apex Heating and Air to learn about all of the options available to suit your home or business needs.

Request a Scheduled Routine Maintenance Visit from Apex Heating and Air TODAY!

When there’s a heatwave or a cold snap, Apex Heating and Air gets lots of calls for emergency service. Why you ask? Older systems or those that may be experiencing signs of wear and tear due to infrequent service visits often break down with the strain of extreme temperatures. That’s why scheduling a routine service checkup BEFORE there’s an issue is so important. Plus, routine maintenance can add years of life to your system and prevent more expensive or catastrophic repairs before they happen. Don’t trust your family’s comfort to just anyone, call Apex Heating and Air for reliable heating and air service.

Avoid longer repair delays during a weather event by scheduling a routine maintenance visit today!

Cooler weather has arrived!

Summers in North Carolina can be brutally hot and humid, meaning HVAC units and air conditioners have to work harder several months out of the year just to keep you cool. That can be a major strain on your system!

As fall brings cooler weather, many homeowners and businesses will switch on their heating systems for the first time in months. If you haven’t had your unit serviced in a while, don’t wait until there’s a catastrophic failure to give us a call. When there’s a major weather event, like a sudden cold snap, your system is more likely to fail because of the strain… and then you’ll be stuck waiting for service behind everyone else whose systems failed.

So, schedule a routine maintenance checkup today, or get on a maintenance plan with us to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Does maintenance actually make a difference? YES, it really does… and you can read this post about why maintenance is so important to your heating and air conditioning system.

Following are a few things you can do to help maintain your unit and save money. But, keep in mind our technicians have all the tools to safely and effectively test and evaluate your system for potential issues BEFORE they become a more expensive problem to fix.

Heat Pump Maintenance:

  • Dirty filters cause the system to work harder, leading to higher energy costs. Check air filters monthly and clean or replace when dirty.
  • Ensure there is at least 18 inches on all sides of your outdoor unit clear of snow, ice, shrubs, and debris.
  • Keep the coils on your outdoor unit clean. Apex Heating and Air can clean the coils with an approved cleaner to ensure your unit is running at peak condition. If you live under a lot of pines or your unit tends to accumulate green mildew due to a southerly exposure, this can cause the system to run inefficiently. But not all cleaners are safe for the unit and can do more damage than good – so call us first!
  • Call Apex Heating and Air to schedule an inspection of your heat pump before a major weather event catches you unprepared.

More Energy Savings Tips:

  • Invest in a programmable smart thermostat and set it to turn the heat down when you are out of town or away from home. This easy home upgrade can cut energy costs by up to 12% and will continue to reduce AC costs in the upcoming spring and summer.
  • Install weather stripping around doors and windows to help keep the cold out.
  • If you have a traditional fireplace, be sure the flue is closed when not in use to avoid heat from escaping. Similarly, avoid leaving bathroom fans, range hoods, and exhaust fans running for long periods as they will suck heat from your home.
  • Take advantage of the world’s best natural heat source — the sun! Open curtains of windows facing the sun during the heat of the day, then close curtains to hold the heat in.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan’s blades to a clockwise rotation to help push the warm air down to where you are.
Residential heat pump HVAC Carrier® system installation

Carrier Fall Cool Cash Manufacturer Rebates on New System Installation Up to $1,750

Now that fall is almost here, it’s time to upgrade to energy efficient equipment from Apex Heating and Air, save on energy costs and get some COOL CASH! Save up to $1,750 in Cool Cash rebates! Purchase a qualifying system from Apex Heating and Air Conditioning for a limited time to get in on the savings. (Sales Dates September 12, 2022 – November 19, 2022. Must be Installed and Rebate Claimed by December 30, 2022.)

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